In partnership with FusionIQ, a leading investment research and technology provider, LSA now offers access to proprietary investment research and Adaptive Dynamic Portfolios (ADPs) on a subscription basis.

IQ It!

FusionIQ is a financial information and technology company with a proprietary algorithm for scoring stocks and ETF's in four dimensions, empowering professional traders, registered investment advisors, institutions and family offices with smarter analytics for smarter investing.

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Multi-Dimensional Intelligence

Most traders, investors and portfolio managers still view the world in one or two dimensions (commonly time & price). We use four. Our proprietary algorithm assigns numerical values (FIQ Scores) to over 5,000 listed securities based on the “fusion” of a wide range of quantitative technical, fundamental, momentum and sentiment indicators.

Robust Platform

FusionIQ’s web-based platform provides users the ability to view, sort, screen, and rank securities and sectors in both real time and historically. Users can harness the power of our system as a stand-alone idea generator, a tactical price and timing overlay to an existing strategy, or to create and back test trading strategies.

Actionable Information, User-defined

An active trader can use the FIQ Trader Platform to follow technical-only Timing Buy/Sell Signals, use FIQ Master Score data as an overlay for an existing investment strategy, use FIQ Composite Master Scores to guide tactical ETF decisions, or target outperformance of an ETF or index based on FIQ Master Scores on underlying components.

Third Party Validation

FusionIQ's Master Scoring methodology and efficacy were validated by an independent expert research company–white paper available upon request. They found FusionIQ Master Scores >70 and <45 show valuable, consistent results over many different investment capitalizations and styles. Model Portfolio, not live...